Simplifying the process of investing in Opportunitiess, camps, land, and businesses in Africa

Safari Lodges For Sale is owned and operated by Safari Partners Limited (t/a Safari Invest).  Safari Invest provides advisory services to investors in the wildlife (safari) tourism sectors of the African tourism industry. provides a single information resource for investors looking for safari lodges, camps, or bare land to invest in or acquire, aggregating the disparate websites and estate agents covering sub-Saharan Africa.

As an investor resource, this website provides a unique view of the overall marketplace for publicly available safari properties and/or businesses.  Invariably the best investment opportunities tend to be 'off market' and may only be offered to vetted investors.  Further information can be found on off-market investment opportunities at

If you are a safari property owner wishing to list your property on this website, or 'off-market', please use the contact form at:


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