Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list my property with Safari Invest?
We have 2 types of listings available to sellers and agents on :
1. A standard agent listing(FREE- subject to our T&C's) is available for our preferred local agents. Agents need to sign up with us and will be given their personal logon details to begin loading their properties.
2. A business listing is available to Property & Business Owners (direct or using the services of a local preferred agents),which includes an initial property and business valuation, the preparation of a business plan, company financials, 3 year revenue and profitability projection, brand (re)positioning strategy and campaign , (re)development and refurbishment plans and costings(if applicable)and the provision of a comprehensive investor prospectus for our potential elite investors/buyers. A business listing is highly recommended and helps with a quick and efficient sale, once the property is listed.
The business listing fee excludes site visits*(if applicable), and for an additional fee, an online marketing campaign, which includes SEO, social media posts, an email alert to our database of travel and estate agents and elite Safari buyers, is provided.
* we often recommend a site visit, subject to the availability of a Safari Invest Director or Account Manager. All travel and accommodation for the sellers account.
How can I register my interest as an elite investor/buyer?
You will need to go to our website and register your interest with Safari Invest and we will contact you within 24 hours. On appointment signing, you will then provide Safari Invest an investor/buyers brief (via appear-in conferance,face to face or via Skype or whattapp call). On receipt of the brief , we then prepare a Potential Acquisition Portfolio(PAP). Our fee includes our 24/7 advisory service, calling on years of collective extensive real estate and safari specific experience , critical for the successful acquisition of a Safari property in Africa.
Does Safari Invest list any other properties?
YES. Safari Invest is also able to source and list prime investable properties in the Hotel and Beach Resort sectors, in select countries in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.
Which Countries do Safari Invest offer their services in?
Safari Invest has listings throughout Africa. On receipt of a INVESTOR/BUYERS BRIEF, we will source suitable investment properties in their chosen countries of interest, and subject to our terms and conditions
Does Safari Invest deal with existing Estate Agents in the various countries?
Yes. we have relationships with established and reputable preferred agents, who we often call upon to assist with our buying clients and also list their properties on our directory.
Does Safari Invest help with the legal and technical aspects of investing in African Countries?
Yes, we have preferred legal and accounting partners who are well rehearsed in the local investment and ownership legislation and requirements, relevant to that particular country
Can Safari Invest help with my property development?
Yes, both Henry and James have had extensive property development experience and can assist with putting together viable and marketable Safari Lodge/Camp/Hotel development schemes, based on the preparation of a detailed and sustainable development model and business plan, linked to a thorough market understanding and offtake
How does Safari Invest engage with potential investors/buyers?
Buyers of Safari properties use our services on the basis that they know that we will guide them through the entire transaction process, using our collective experience and understanding of the countries and safari markets we operate in.
What does it cost me for a BUYERS appointment?
Safari Invest will charge a buyers fee which includes an upfront apointment fee for preparation of a Potential Acquisition Portfolio(PAP), with a monthly fee due thereafter and a final success fee, due on an investment transaction being successfuly concluded.